All cheques for use in the clearing process in Great Britain must be produced by C&CCC-accredited printers. This means there is much greater quality control in the paper, ink and the security features used in cheque production. This has helped reduce some types of cheque fraud, namely ‘fraudulent alteration’ and ‘counterfeit’.

A key objective of CPAS is to ensure that the specified quality and security standards for printing cheques are maintained, in order to:

  • Provide a significant prevention measure against fraudulent attack on business and personal cheques; and
  • Maximise operational efficiency in the cheque clearings. 

List of Accredited Cheque Printers

All accredited-cheque printers must be certified to ISO 27001, and to the C&CCC Audit Standard for Cheque Printers-Standard 55, and are required to print cheques in accordance with the C&CCC Standard 3.1 Automated Processing of Vouchers (Debits), together with the C&CCC Standard 3.3 Automated Processing of Vouchers (Technical). Further information about these standards can be found here.

A hard copy can be purchased by contacting:

The C&CCC has produced a leaflet (shown above) specifically for our CPAS members. This explains more about the Scheme and the important role that members play in preventing fraud. Members of CPAS also receive a regular newsletter, ChequeMate, which keeps them up-to-date with the latest facts and figures, including fraud trends and developments in technology. In addition, there are a series of best practice guidelines for cheque printers and business users of cheques, which contain advice to ensure the security and print quality of cheques and help protect them from fraud.

Quality Control for CPAS Printers