The information below is in appendix A of the ICS Manual which can be found here:

Image Clearing System (ICS) costs

Prospective participation costs
Prospective ICS participants must pay the costs and charges (if any) that the ICS Operator (the C&CCC) may incur in connection with obtaining any legal opinion pursuant to ICS Rule 2.1.5 (in relation to settlement participants) and ICS Requirement 1.4 in Section 1.A (in relation to other participant categories). 
ICS participation costs
ICS participants shall pay the following transaction costs and charges (if any) in connection with their participation in the ICS:
Settlement participant
There is no transaction cost or charge payable to the ICS Operator by settlement participants. However, see below details of the third party charges that will be payable by settlement participants. 
Switch participant
A charge is payable by a switch participant in respect of each item processed through the ICS in accordance with the table set out below.   
The charge specified in the body of the table is payable by the switch participant which:
  • acts for the relevant PSP specified in the row at the top of the table;
  • in respect of the item under the ICS process specified in the column on the left hand side of the table.
For example, a charge is payable by the switch participant which:
  • acts for the payer's PSP; 
  • under a debit item which is processed under RtP processing. 
If a switch participant acts for both the payer's PSP and the payee's PSP under an item, then the switch participant must pay the total amount payable for the payer's PSP and payee's PSP (where they are different PSPs) as specified in the table below. Each PSP is identified by reference to the unique bank code contained within the EISCD.
The sum specified below is payable irrespective of whether the relevant item proceeds to settlement through the ICS (e.g. even if, under a debit item subject to RtP processing, a “Not Paid” payment decision is sent by the Relevant Decision-Maker for the item). 
No charge is payable by a switch participant in respect of any item which is processed under IoD or IoC processing.  

Switch participant Acting for Item process 

Payer’s PSP Payee’s PSP Initiating PSP (if different from the payer's PSP or payee's PSP)
Debit item under RtP processing 5p  5p  No charge
Credit item under ItP processing 5p  5p  No charge
Debit item or credit item under IoD or IoC processing No charge No charge No charge













Third party costs and fees

Bank of England
The Bank of England currently charges a tariff of £3,250 per annum to each settlement participant in connection with the Bank's provision of the standardised net settlement service to that settlement participant (which may be amended from time to time). 
Payment Systems Regulator (PSR)
The PSR allocates, calculates and collects from time to time annual regulatory fees. These are payable by participants in regulated payment systems under the 2013 Act in accordance with an approved methodology published from time to time by the PSR. The ICS Operator may act as collection agent for such fees payable by settlement participants under the approved methodology.
VocaLink Limited
VocaLink charges for changes to status in the EISCD dependent upon the complexity of the sort code reference data associated with the change. 
Network service providers
Network service providers charge switch participants for the provision of their Network Services. The actual costs are subject to negotiation between each switch participant and the relevant network service provider. 
Enquiry Link 
An enquiry link workstation is required if a new settlement participant does not have existing SWIFT infrastructure. The actual costs of the workstation and other enquiry link services are subject to negotiation between the new settlement participant and SWIFT.