The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company has today (19 December 2017) published a short report that looks at the way that charities use cheques and how important this enduring payment method is to them.  At this time of year, with many major newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard running Christmas charity appeals for deserving causes, the cheque comes into its own as a way to give a gift or make a donation.

The research findings in our report show that 75% of charities had received a cheque in the past month, with nearly three in ten (29%) of charities saying that they receive half or more of all their donation income by cheque.  It’s clear that the cheque remains an important payment method for giving or receiving money. As we move into the digital age with the introduction of cheque imaging, this report also looks at just how aware charities are of this latest development, which speeds up the cheque clearing process. The full report can be accessed here.