For over 350 years cheques have played an important role in the UK. Since the earliest known surviving cheque was written in 1659, to the modern day, a cheque is one of the most recognised and trusted ways to pay. Today, even with more payment options available than ever before, cheques remain a convenient and preferred payment option among certain groups and for certain payments. 

Reality Cheque brings together stories about the role cheques play in people’s lives, the latest research and information on UK cheque use and the new Image Clearing System that will bring cheques into the digital age. 


31 August 2017

Bob Meara, Senior Analyst, Celent, a research and advisory firm based in Boston writes: Changes in payment systems always carry risk. As a payments analyst in the US, the UK’s planned Image Clearing System looks pretty low-risk to me.

30 June 2017

Andrew O’Brien, Head of Policy and Engagement at the Charity Finance Group, writes: We have seen some of the largest charities in recent months start to experiment with contactless payments and online giving is one of the fastest growing fundraising methods. All this might seem to indicate that older forms of payment such as cash and cheques are redundant. But this simply isn’t true.

25 May 2017

Mark Hemingway, personal cheque user and company director, writes: As the holder of six different cheque books, I often wonder what actually attracts me to this particular form of payment method.  We are told that cheques represent a bygone era but, with nearly half a billion cheques written last year, the figures say otherwise. To me cheques are personal, they are solid and sincere and they say 'I care' to the recipient.  

25 April 2017

James Radford, C&CCC CEO writes: We recently announced details regarding the introduction of the new Image Clearing System, which will revolutionise how cheques are processed in the UK. So I am delighted to be using this occasion to write the opening blog for ‘Reality Cheque’, a platform we shall increasingly use to keep cheque users informed and connected.