Our quantitative market research among consumers, businesses, and (now) charities into cheque usage, commissioned every year, has the following key objectives:

  • to understand why consumers and businesses use cheques and whether they try to influence the choice of payment methods among those who make payments to them; 
  • to establish the extent of understanding of the 2-4-6 cheque clearing timescales; and, since 2015,
  • to understand the extent to which customers are aware of cheque imaging.

In 2016 it will be the tenth consecutive year of research among the general public (through TNS), the ninth year (through BDRC Continental) among businesses and it will be the first year that we have focussed on charities as well.

The image awareness questions were included for the first time in 2015; these questions are circulated twice a year: once in April and in September.

The key findings from our market research can be found below.

In addition to our annual tracking research, the C&CCC commissioned Ipsos MORI to undertake some qualitative (autumn 2014) and quantitative (start of 2015) research across the UK among the public, businesses and NfPs (not-for-profits including charities) to understand the views of cheque users about the introduction of cheque imaging in the future.  

The reports can be found below.

Please contact us if you require any previous market research at info@chequeandcredit.co.uk 

Consumer, Business & Charity Research Spring 2016
Business & Consumer Research Spring 2015
Business & Consumer Research Spring 2014
Business, Consumer and Charity Image Awareness Research Autumn 2015
Cheque Imaging Qualitative Research November 2014
Follow-up Quantitative Research Report on Cheque Imaging March 2015