If your company wishes to print BGCs itself it must:

  • Purchase base stock from an accredited printer, a list can be found here or purchase paper that is approved to CBS1 or CBS2 standard.
  • Follow the C&CCC Standard 3.2 - Automated Processing of Vouchers (Credits) requirements. The Standard is available to purchase and details on how to do this can be found here
  • Use a laser printer from the approved C&CCC/Smithers List. The list of approved printers can be found here.
  • Send in samples to your bank relationship manager for approval to ensure the BGCs meet requirements.

Further details can be found within the Best Practice Guidelines for the Design and Production of Bank Giro Credits which can be found here.

Certified BGC printers are required to print BGCs using C&CCC Standard 3.2 - Automated Processing of Vouchers (Credits) and follow stringent rules for security and confidentiality standards and quality control.

Using a certified printer to print your BGCs will give you peace of mind that your vouchers have been printed to high quality standards throughout the process.

Members of the Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme (CPAS) are also accredited to print BGCs.

Certification is open to printers wishing to produce BGCs that go through the GB credit clearing system. Further information can be found here.

No. For further information please contact cpashelpdesk@chequeandcredit.co.uk.

Yes. There is a list of companies (printers) that are certified to print BGCs which can be found here.

Yes. C&CCC/Smithers approve a number of laser printers that are suitable for printing BGCs. The list of approved printers can be found here.

Yes. The C&CCC has developed a set of best practice guidelines that provide detailed information for businesses wishing to print BGCs. These guidelines can be found here.