Annual Summary of Payment Statistics

This summary, produced in February of each year, shows the annual Cheque, Credit, Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments statistics for the previous year. Statistics cover inter-bank, inter-branch and in-house payments in the UK, showing average daily volumes and values of payments, split by payment type.

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Quarterly Payment Statistics

A quarterly report showing Cheque and Credit, Bacs, CHAPS, Faster Payments and ATM statistics and trends since 2009.

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Monthly Payment Statistics

The monthly summaries each show a review of Cheque and Credit, Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments statistics comparing one month with the same month a year earlier, together with data for 12 individual months to date.

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Historical Monthly Statistics

A monthly report depicting cheque and credit inter-bank and inter-branch data from 1990 to date is available upon request from This is historic data showing clearing volumes and values and with regards to the cheques data, the spread-sheet shows sterling and euro cheque volumes combined from January 1999 to September 2018, when the euro debit clearing was closed.