The tool on this page will help you work out how long it will take for your cheque to clear after you have paid it in. These are the maximum timescales for each of the following key stages after you pay in a cheque:

  • when you start to earn interest (Day 2);
  • when you are able to withdraw the money (Day 4);
  • when the money is yours to keep (Day 6).
Date cheque paid in:


This tool uses the industry-wide maximum time limits that exist for each of the above stages in the cheque clearing process. Banks and building societies will compete to offer shorter timescales for interest and withdrawal so your bank or building society may beat these guaranteed time limits.

The way you pay in your cheque and the type of account you pay into will also affect how quickly your cheque clears. Withdrawal times for savings accounts are longer and withdrawals can only be made if you have an account that allows you to make them. Make sure you always use an account best suited to your needs.