The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company is committed to engaging with a full range of stakeholders that use, offer and regulate cheques across the UK. This includes consumers, charities, businesses and public sector bodies, financial institutions that offer cheque clearing services, cheque processors, cheque printers and other suppliers, as well as regulators, trade associations and other payment schemes.

Our consultations enable us to hear your views on a range of matters affecting cheque use. They help us ensure the cheque clearing system is working as it should and bring to our attention areas that need improvement. 

Open and closed consultations are below. If you would like to discuss the topics in more detail or enquire as to how you can respond, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The C&CCC may publish responses on this website on an individual basis.

If a respondent wishes for any of their comments to be treated confidentially and not published, these comments must clearly marked as such when their response is submitted.

If a respondent is happy for their response to be published but would prefer that it was anonymised and not attributed to them, they should make this clear in their response.eir response.

05 January 2018

Status: Closed       Open Date: 5/01/2018       Close Date: 16/2/2018

Publication of Responses: tba

20 June 2017
  • Status: Closed       Open Date: 17/03/2017       Close Date: 28/4/2017

Publication of Response: 12/10/2017