Our Vision

Our vision is to drive best in class payment infrastructure for digital cheque clearing in the UK for the benefit of everyone.

Our business objectives

Our vision will be delivered by successfully executing on our six strategic imperatives, which are to:

  1. Deliver a reliable, resilient, safe and efficient operation for customers (end users, direct/indirect participants);
  2. Modernise our product offering utilising digital technology;
  3. Simplify the payments market place to attract new entrants and reduce barriers to entry;
  4. Facilitate new products for future payments processing;
  5. Consolidate our business within Pay.UK to widen product choice and maximise efficiency; and
  6. Hire, coach and develop talent; be brave in making the right decisions.

What we do

FOR OUR MEMBERS AND PARTICIPANTS we provide operational management, technical advice, project management, regulatory consultation, and risk and compliance management. And we manage the Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme (CPAS).

FOR CHEQUE USERS we provide the central payment system services for the exchange and settlement of cheques and credits and manage the operational processes of those services – all through financial institutions.

FOR OUR OTHER STAKEHOLDERS we help keep them updated on all the latest news and developments through seminars, forums, newsletters and consultations, and via our website and social media.