Our objective is to:

Ensure that cheques and credits remain a viable, secure and efficient choice of payment for all users, so we will:

  • promote innovation and competition in payment choice by driving improvements in processing, service and efficiency; and
  • provide a trusted centre of excellence for anyone with an interest in cheques or credits.


Our role is to:

  • provide consumers, via financial institutions, with the central payment system services for the exchange and settlement of cheques and credits and manage the operational processes of those services;
  • deliver innovation, such as the Image Clearing System (ICS) programme, which will bring the cheque into the digital age via the implementation of an image-based cheque clearing process in the UK;
  • determine the rules, standards, and procedures required to maintain the integrity of the clearings, including the access criteria for participating in the clearings and ensuring compliance with those rules;
  • engage with the full range of stakeholders which includes consumers, charities, businesses and public sector bodies that use cheques, financial institutions that offer cheque clearing services, cheque processors, cheque printers and other suppliers, as well as regulators, trade associations and other payment schemes; and
  • manage the Cheque Printer Accreditation Scheme (CPAS).